100% pure javascript realtime chat (client and server) facebook/gmail style web chat.

To see demo please visit jquery-chat.net

Disclaimer: This project is no longer maintained, because I do not have anymore time/interest to extend its functionality,
anyway Pull Requests will be still accepted and merged ASAP.

The jQuery Chat plugin can be used to add a JavaScript-based chatting system to your site,
allows webmasters/developers to add a fully-working chat room on top of their site, see ‘index.html’ as an example.

Built with these components -> Jquery UI, Socket.IO

Note: By default the chat is configured to use an existing Heroku app, so you will not need to install Node and npm.
(Skip step 3 in the installation process)

NEW: With the latest changes we also support python server.
So you could have python server instead Node.js if you want.


* Multi themes support (jquery-ui)
* 100% javascript (client and server side)
* Configuration file (fancy things and connecting stuff)
* Support multiple languages
* New message pop-up notifications
* Multi users chat
* Search users
* Sounds 
* Browser support: (Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)


Take a look at index.html for simple example of usage.

Getting Started:

  • Install any Webserver (Apache, IIS, Nginx, Lighttpd, etc)

Remember to clone the project behind a webserver, if you want to execute local file index.html it wont work.


  1. Clone the project

$ cd /var/www/
$ git clone https://github.com/lovelle/jquery-chat
$ cd jquery-chat
  1. Configuration

# Go to cloned project
$ cd /var/www/jquery-chat/
# Adjust personal setting to 'server' ip or dns
$ editor config.js
# And the same for line 16 in index.html (the one that connect to heroku)
$ editor index.html
  1. Install and run Server

For node.js server follow these instructions.

For python server follow these instructions.

  1. Run

Lets it, to finish remember you must have a webserver, if you dont want to install a full webserver you can do it with python server:

# Go to project folder
$ cd /var/www/jquery-chat
# Run webserver with python lib
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Finish!, go to visit http://localhost:8000/


This chat was made in my free time, please be gentle.
For any doubt feel free to create an issue.

Why there is a python server if all server logic allready exist in Node.js?

  • For fun.
  • For anyone who didn’t know node.js and wants to understand how server works.

Will be the server be supported in others languages?

  • Yep, ASAP.




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