bootstrap-year-calendar is now year-calendar !

The library has been rewritten to remove all dependencies.

You should consider using the new repository ( as the current one is not maintained anymore, and will soon be deprecated.


A fully customizable year calendar widget, for boostrap !
You can find all details on the official website.

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This plugin requires the following libraries :

  • Bootstrap v3.0.0 or later
  • jQuery v1.8.0 or later


You can get the widget using the following methods:

  • From the GitHub repository or the official website.
  • From the Node package manager, using the following command: npm install bootstrap-year-calendar
  • From Bower, using the following command: bower install bootstrap-year-calendar


You can create a calendar using the following javascript code :




or with the data-provide html attribute

<div data-provide="calendar"></div>


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