jQuery Meow

A plugin to provide Growl-like notifications. Will support bindings for various jQuery events and ability to ‘meow’ the content of a bound element (e.g. a Rails flash on load) or a message passed as an argument (e.g. button clicks).


Usage example

var options = {
  title: 'Meow Example',
  message: 'Hello, World!',


See more examples.


Key Type Default Description
message String, Object null Either a string or a jQuery selected element. If it’s an element, Meow will use its value, innerHTML or innerText depending on its type.
title String null If a string is given, the meow’s title will reflect it. However, if you do no set this and use a selector element in message, it will default to the title attribute of that element if available.
icon String null Sets the image URL for the icon
duration Number 5000 Sets the duration of of the meow in milliseconds. Any positive, numeric value (including Infinity) is acceptable.
sticky Boolean false Sets the meow to never time out. Has the same effect as setting duration to Infinity.
closeable Boolean true Determines whether the meow will have a close (×) button. If false, yout must rely on the duration timeout to remove the meow.
container String null Sets the root element the meow should be contained within. Be default, meows will be put in an auto-generated container.
beforeCreateFirst Function null Gets called just before the first meow on the screen is created.
beforeCreate Function null Gets called just before any meow is created.
afterCreate Function null Gets called right after a meow is created.
onTimeout Function null Gets called whenever a meow times out.
beforeDestroy Function null Gets called just before a meow gets destroyed.
afterDestroy Function null Gets called right after a meow gets destroyed.
afterDestroyLast Function null Gets called after the last meow on the screen is destroyed.


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