A jQuery based responsive calendar plugin


  • Use as a date picker, or a full fledged calendar
  • Fully responsive design
  • Intuitive event labels
  • Event list detail mode
  • Handles multiple instances on the same page
  • Well commented code for easy customization

##Setup & Config
View the wiki.

If you’ve spotted an issue, please create an issue.

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v 2.2.2 – Fixed Issue 62

v 2.2.1 – Fixed an AM/PM display bug

v 2.2.0 – A good deal of edits (see details here) including localization, code cleanup & json events. A big thank you to Richard Tallent for this one!

v 2.1.0 – Fixed a bug where the event list would animate in but not out. Merged a pull request to include json support. (Thanks marekstodolny!) Made buttons more visible in header for closing event list & reverting to the current month.

v 2.0.7 – Fixed a bug where divs were left behind when advancing through months. Merged a pull request fixing day name options.

v 2.0.6 – Fixed a bug where AM and PM would show up even if there’s no time specified. Also fixed a bug where long event titles weren’t being truncated. Added xml error handling.

v 2.0.5 – Dropped flexbox 😞 in favor of display:table-cell to support 💩💩IE9💩💩

v 2.0.4 – Added more vendor prefixes to support older versions of iOS

v 2.0.3 – Fixed a big caused by using Monday as the start of the week, and months where the first day is Sunday.

v 2.0.2 – Fixed a bug caused by using zero indexed days or months in the xml file. Fixed another bug where setting eventList to false didn’t work.

v 2.0.1 – Fixed a ton o’ bugs in IE & Safari related to incorrect setting of the first day, day heights, and the event listing day names.

v 2.0.0 – New method for viewing event details within the calendar rather than a separate list. Added ability to have event times.

v 1.0.1 – Fixed a bug that produced the wrong number of days in the month. (Thanks igor1980)

v 1.0.0 – Launched


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