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Github Repo Demonstration

A jQuery plugin to display your Github Repositories.

Browser Support

We do care about it.

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Getting started

Three quick start options are available:


Use Bower to fetch all dependencies:

$ bower install

Now you’re ready to go!


Create an attribute called data-repo:

<div data-repo="jquery-boilerplate/jquery-boilerplate"></div>

Include jQuery:

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

Include plugin’s CSS and JS:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/base.css">
<script src="jquery.github.min.js"></script>

Call the plugin:


And that’s it \o/

Check full example’s source code.


Here’s a list of available settings.

	iconStars:  true,
	iconForks:  true,
	iconIssues: false
Attribute Type Default Description
iconStars Boolean true Displays the number of stars in a repository.
iconForks Boolean true Displays the number of forks in a repository.
iconIssues Boolean false Displays the number of issues in a repository.


The basic structure of the project is given in the following way:

|-- assets/
|-- demo/
|   |-- index.html
|   |-- index-zepto.html
|-- dist/
|   |-- jquery.boilerplate.js
|   |-- jquery.boilerplate.min.js
|-- src/
|   |-- jquery.boilerplate.coffee
|   |-- jquery.boilerplate.js
|-- .editorconfig
|-- .gitignore
|-- .jshintrc
|-- .travis.yml
|-- github.jquery.json
|-- Gruntfile.js
`-- package.json


Contains CSS and Font files to create that lovely Github box.


Contains all dependencies like jQuery and Zepto.


Contains a simple HTML file to demonstrate the plugin.


This is where the generated files are stored once Grunt runs JSHint and other stuff.


Contains the files responsible for the plugin.


This file is for unifying the coding style for different editors and IDEs.

Check editorconfig.org if you haven’t heard about this project yet.


List of files that we don’t want Git to track.

Check this Git Ignoring Files Guide for more details.


List of rules used by JSHint to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript.

Check jshint.com if you haven’t heard about this project yet.


Definitions for continous integration using Travis.

Check travis-ci.org if you haven’t heard about this project yet.


Package manifest file used to publish plugins in jQuery Plugin Registry.

Check this Package Manifest Guide for more details.


Contains all automated tasks using Grunt.

Check gruntjs.com if you haven’t heard about this project yet.


Specify all dependencies loaded via Node.JS.

Check NPM for more details.


Have you used this plugin in your project?

Let me know! Send a tweet or pull request and I’ll add it here 🙂


Prefer a non-jquery version with pure JavaScript?

No problem, @ricardobeat already did one. Check his fork!

Prefer Zepto instead of jQuery?

No problem, @igorlima already did that. Check demo/index-zepto.html.

Prefer AngularJS instead of jQuery?

No problem, @lucasconstantino already did that. Check his fork!




Check Releases for detailed changelog.


Built on top of jQuery Boilerplate.


MIT License © Zeno Rocha


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