The Etherpad jQuery Plugin easily allows you to embed and access a pad from Etherpad in a web page. The plugin injects the pad contents into a div using iframes. It can also read the contents of a Pad and write it to a div.

Usage & Examples

Include jQuery.js, include etherpad.js, assign a pad to a div. If you get confused look at the examples in index.html

Sets the pad id and puts the pad in the div


Sets the pad id, some more parameters and puts the pad in the div


Sets the pad id, some plugin parameters and puts the pad in the div


Gets the padContents from Example #2 and writes it to the target div “exampleGetContents”


Available options and parameters

'host'             : '', // the host and port of the Etherpad instance, by default the foundation will host your pads for you
'baseUrl'          : '/p/', // The base URL of the pads
'showControls'     : false, // If you want to show controls IE bold, italic, etc.
'showChat'         : false, // If you want to show the chat button or not
'showLineNumbers'  : false, // If you want to show the line numbers or not
'userName'         : 'unnamed', // The username you want to pass to the pad
'useMonospaceFont' : false, // Use monospaced fonts
'noColors'         : false, // Disable background colors on author text
'userColor'        : false, // The background color of this authors text in hex format IE #000
'hideQRCode'       : false, // Hide QR code
'alwaysShowChat'   : false, // Always show the chat on the UI
'width'            : 100, // The width of the embedded IFrame
'height'           : 100,  // The height of the embedded IFrame
'border'           : 0,    // The width of the border (make sure to append px to a numerical value)
'borderStyle'      : 'solid', // The CSS style of the border	[none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset]
'plugins'          : {}, // The options related to the plugins, not to the basic Etherpad configuration
'rtl'              : false // Show text from right to left


jQuery Etherpad plugin written by John McLear (c) Primary Technology 2011
Development funded by the Etherpad Foundation.
Feel free to re-use, distribute, butcher, edit and whatever else you want.
It’s under the Apache licence.


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