Absolution Theme

  • You are free to redistribute or change the theme.
  • You can change the theme, but you should keep the references to contributors!

Copyright 2012, Michael Vanderheeren

jQuery UI CSS Framework, Copyright 2010, http://jqueryui.com/about
Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.


I designed and coded this theme in my spare time, which I now and then like to spend having a drink. Keeping this hosting up also costs money. If you like the Absolution theme then think about contributing to it and maybe provide me with a drink, or an extra month of hosting by giving me a small donation through PayPal. You can also Flattr the theme through the button below.

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How do I install the theme?
Download the latest version from the gitHub repository and add a text/css type link in the pages where you want to use the theme. You should set the href to the absolution.css file! Do not forget the images folder!

But I want a different color!
No problem! Thanks to the Sass language you can easily change the colors in the _settings.scss file, rename it. The only remaining step is to compile the absolution.scss file again using the sass compiler.

What about Wijmo support?
There is no need anymore to include the Wijmo css stylesheets as they are the foundation for our Wijmo support. We are working hard to make sure that every widget in Wijmo receives the full support it deserves!

The theme looks ugly!
Either you have a different taste or an old browser. This theme uses full CSS3 power in every way possible. Gradients, border-radius and box-shadows are just a simple example. There is no way that I will support legacy browsers. Repeated backgrounds limit the font-size and thus limits freedom for the theme user. This is a user-interface theme, and not a font one. Therefore all unneeded font restricting will be removed over time and replaced with inherits where needed.

Why did you remove the option to include separate widgets?
Sometimes I like to push new technologies. The usage of Sass was a huge improvement for the readability of the code and the ability to change it fast. This came however at the cost of compiling which I do in a minimized single file to make the file smaller.

Where can I find Sass?
You are a no brainer aren’t you? http://LMGTFY.com/?q=sass

How can I support the theme development?
If you have a Flattr account, then click on the button above.


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