jQuery flexText: auto-height textareas

A lightweight (~800 bytes) jQuery version of the A List Apart – Expanding textarea concept for auto-height textareas, extended for additional browser compatibility, addressing a few browser bugs/issues. Tested and working fine in Safari Mac/iOS 5, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, Opera, IE8+. (In IE7 the functionality is fine, but the textarea may not be pixel-perfect due to box-sizing browser limitations).


See the project page.


  1. Add the base CSS rules from style.css to your stylesheet (and add visual styling for your purposes).
  2. Include the JS files:
    • jQuery (v1.7+)
    • flexText plugin (jquery.flexText.min.js).
  3. Inside a document ready function, call the flexText() method on textarea elements:

$(function () {


jQuery v1.7+


Based on/extended from the concept by Neil Jenkins described in the A List Apart article, Expanding Text Areas Made Elegant


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