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try a custom solution using ScrollMagic and GSAP or Animate On Scroll by Michal Sajnóg

animate-scroll DEPRECATED – no longer actively maintained

Plugin Name: jQuery Animation Scroll Plugin
Plugin Description: animate-scroll is a mobile friendly viewport triggered animation plugin for jQuery using greensock.
Copyright (C) 2014 Jason Paul Lusk ([email protected])
Author: Jason Lusk
Author URI: http://JasonLusk.com
GIT URI: https://github.com/mpalpha/animate-scroll.git
Tip: https://cash.me/$JasonLusk

DEMO http://www.jasonlusk.com/scroll


jQuery.js v1.10.1+ from www.jquery.com.
TweenMax.js 1.10.2+, TimelineMax.js v1.10.2+, EasePack.js v1.9.3+ from www.greensock.com.

    bower i mpalpha/animate-scroll
Available Options Default value Description
transformPerspective 1000 Parent transform perspective
lazyLoad false Lazy load images (experimental)
animateAll false Animate elements outside of viewport?
reverse true Allow elements reverse animation state?
transformOrigin ‘50% 50%’ Transform origin X/Y position
x 0 Horizontal offset in px
y 0 Vertical offset in px
scaleX 1 Scale X position
scaleY 1 Scale Y position
rotation 0 Rotation in degrees
rotationX 0 Rotation X position
rotationY 0 Rotation X position
alpha 0.9 Opacity from 0.0-1
delay 0 Animation delay
z 0.1 Z position
force3D true Force 3D hardware
easingType ‘Back.easeInOut’ Animation easing type
duration 0.3 Animation diration in seconds

    <p data-animate-scroll='{  
      "scaleX": "1.5",  
      "scaleY": "1.5",  
      "x": "-10",  
      "y": "-10",  
      "rotation": "-3",  
      "alpha": "1",  
      "easingType": "Cubic.easeOut",  
      "duration": "1"  
Events (Optional):
Type Example
play $('.my-animated-element').trigger('play');
reverse $('.my-animated-element').trigger('reverse');
check $('.my-animated-element').trigger('check');


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