A jQuery plugin for detecting enter/exit of elements in the viewport when the user scrolls.

New Features

Added a couple new features:

  • May 2014 – optional window offset, allows for things like floating navs
  • Feb 2014 – supports window resize
  • Nov 2013 – throttles scrollspy events so that event handles only fire every 100 milliseconds


$('.tile').on('scrollSpy:enter', function() {
	console.log('enter:', $(this).attr('id'));

$('.tile').on('scrollSpy:exit', function() {
	console.log('exit:', $(this).attr('id'));


// or you could do this:
// $.scrollSpy($('.tile'));
// or this
// $('.tile').each(function(i, element) {
// 		$.scrollSpy(element);
// });

Window Resize

Use the scrollSpy:winSize event for watching window resize. This fires any time the window is resized by the user.

$.winSizeSpy().on('scrollSpy:winSize', funcy)


Please provide pull requests for additional features. Test cases would be most weclome!

Thank you contributors:


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