What is it?

It’s a super light-weight AJAX wrapper for Parse.com’s wonderful database service.

Why did you build it?

  • I wanted a stupid-easy data store that I could use strictly from the client. No server needed!
    Write a thick front end application or app prototype.

  • No Schema! Just fire a $.parse.post & forget it. If the class hasn’t been created already it will be

  • Super simple… just $.parse.get/post/put/delete/


4-19-12 Live Demo Added >>

  • No code editing needed to try out the demo.
  • Logger (far right) shows you what $.parse methods are being executed and how.


  • WARNING! Big change made to $.parse.get regarding queries. (See parse#get).
  • signup method added
  • login method added and $.get("login",{...}) supported as well
  • requestPasswordReset method added


Serve your app from http, cross domain calls FTW!

Parse launched support for cross-origin resource sharing using CORS.
This means you no longer have to generate a base64 encoded Basic Auth key using the provided parse.sh
You can now just pass your application id and rest key right to $.parse.init.


parse#init( Object options )

	app_id : "mJDSHSMJbdXm1GtLsTsGhXDvqn63RER6HL23JXTCG", // <-- enter your Application Id here 
	rest_key : "ubpbA8Q1gplTRybw6pTkDAoZsT8KZTI9cy2tKJ82" // <--enter your REST API Key here	

parse#get( String class, [Object params], [Function callback], [Function error-callback] )


Note the change in how you pass your query!

//88ef3bf5c6 and earlier assumed anything you passed was a part of a query

  'objectId' : 'od9867Vwd4'

//NEW! way let's you pass order, limit, and skip params as well as the where query param

 where : { user_id : '2k34hufa8' },
 order : "-createdAt"

parse#post( String class, Object new-record, [Function callback], [Function error-callback] )

$.parse.post('tasks',{ body : 'my message body' }, function(json){

parse#put( String class/id, Object updated_record, [Function callback], [Function error-callback] )

$.parse.put('tasks/od9867Vwd4',{ body : 'my updated text' }, function(json){
}, optionalErrorCallback);

parse#delete(String class/id, [Function callback], [Function error-callback])

$.parse.delete('tasks/od9867Vwd4', optionalCallback, optionalErrorCallback);

parse#signup(String class, Object user_record, [Function callback], [Function error-callback])

//Same as $.parse.post('users',{...});

  username : 'srhyne', 
  password : 'password', 
  email : '[email protected]' 
},optionalCallback, optionalErrorCallback);

parse#login(String username, String password, [Function callback], [Function error-callback])

$.parse.login('srhyne', 'password', optionalCallback, optionalErrorCallback)

parse#requestPasswordReset(String email, [Function callback], [Function error-callback]);

$.parse.requestPasswordReset('[email protected]', optionalCallback, optionalErrorCallback);


  • Tests!
  • Backbone / Spine sync extensions

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