turn IQueryables into datagrids

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Install-Package Mvc.JQuery.DataTables

Install-Package Mvc.JQuery.DataTables.Templates *

Demo site

  • turn any IQueryable into a live datagrid. Tested with:
    • Linq To Objects
    • Entity Framework
    • Lucene.Net.Linq
  • wraps the very comprehensive jquery datatables plugin. Supported features:
    • Filtering (text, date or datetime range (with datepicker), number ranges, choose from dropdown, multiple values using checkboxes)
    • Sorting (configurable per column)
    • Paging (choose page size options, or fix them)
    • Customer column rendering
    • Custom positioning of filters (e.g. you could move them above the table)
    • Localization
    • TableTools support (PDF/Excel export)
    • Attribute based configuration (optional)
  • Can be run from dll

*skip this if using EmbeddedResourceVirtualPathProvider

See the test page and example project for info on how to use


The code here is based on code from http://code.google.com/p/datatables-asp-mvc/

Note to users

This library has been developed on an as-needed basis, so not all configuration settings from datatables are implemented yet. If you need a setting to be added, please fork the project, update the code, and update the example page to include a usage of the new setting (where this makes sense) e.g. https://github.com/mcintyre321/mvc.jquery.datatables/commit/c70f9c1f51178386e84a73ccea4495343f815012

If you have a feature request, bug, or a patch, please could you add an example page on a fork demonstrating the problem or feature. Thanks!

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