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Ember-friendly jQuery.ajax wrapper.

  • returns RSVP promises
  • makes apps more testable (resolves promises with Ember.run)
  • makes testing ajax simpler with fixture support


bower install ic-ajax

… or …

npm install ic-ajax

Module Support

Note the dist directory has multiple module formats, use whatever
works best for you.

  • AMD

    define(['ic-ajax'], function(ajax) {});

  • Node.JS (CJS)

    var ajax = require('ic-ajax')

  • Globals

    var ajax = ic.ajax;

    All instructure canvas stuff lives on the ic global.


This lib simply wraps jQuery.ajax with two exceptions:

  • success and error callbacks are not supported
  • does not resolve three arguments like $.ajax (real promises only
    resolve a single value). request only resolves the response data
    from the request, while raw resolves an object with the three
    “arguments” as keys if you need them.

Other than that, use request exactly like $.ajax.

var ajax = ic.ajax;

App.ApplicationRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function() {
    return ajax.request('/foo');

// if you need access to the jqXHR or textStatus, use raw
ajax.raw('/foo').then(function(result) {
  // result.response
  // result.textStatus
  // result.jqXHR

Simplified Testing

In order to test newly added code you must rebuild the distribution.

broccoli build dist

Adding fixtures with defineFixture tells ic-ajax to resolve the promise
with the fixture matching a url instead of making a request. This allows
you to test your app without creating fake servers with sinon, etc.


ic.ajax.defineFixture('api/v1/courses', {
  response: [{name: 'basket weaving'}],
  jqXHR: {},
  textStatus: 'success'

ic.ajax.request('api/v1/courses').then(function(result) {
  deepEqual(result, ic.ajax.lookupFixture('api/v1/courses').response);

To test failure paths, set the textStatus to anything but success.


Install dependencies and run tests with the following:

npm install
npm test

For those of you with release privileges:

npm run-script release

Special Thanks

Inspired by discourse ajax.

License and Copyright

MIT Style license

(c) 2014 Instructure, Inc.


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