FeedEk jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin

FeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and displaying RSS and Atom feeds. You can obtain feeds easily from any domain. No need for server-side scripts. Feed API is used for fetching RSS/Atom feed data.

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1- Include jQuery and FeedEk plugin scripts into your page.

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.0/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="FeedEk.min.js"></script>

2- Add a placeholder for the plugin to your page.

<div id="divFeed"></div>

3- Call the plugin.

– Basic

    FeedUrl : 'https://jquery-plugins.net/rss',

– Multiple Feed Url

    FeedUrl : ['https://jquery-plugins.net/rss','http://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss']

– With Options

    FeedUrl : 'https://jquery-plugins.net/rss',
    MaxCount : 5,
    ShowDesc : true,
    DateFormat : 'MM/dd/yyyy',
    DateFormatLang : 'en',
    Offset: 5,
    ShowAuthor: true,
    Success: function (feedItems) { },
    Error: function (error) { }


  • FeedUrl
    Your Feed Url and it’s required
  • MaxCount
    Feed Item Count. Default is 5
  • ShowDesc
    Option to show Feed Item Description. Default is true
  • ShowPubDate
    Option to show Feed Item Publish Date. Default is true
  • DescCharacterLimit
    Feed Description Characters Limit Count. Default is no limit
  • TitleLinkTarget
    Option for Feed Title Link Target. Default is _blank
  • DateFormat
    Option for Feed Publish Date Format. Default is none
  • DateFormatLang
    Option for Feed Publish Date Format Language for localization. Default is en
  • Offset
    Offset option for pagination. Default is 0
  • ShowAuthor
    Option to show Author of Feed Item. Default is false
  • AuthorLabel
    Option to set title of author label. Default is Author:. ShowAuthor option must be true to set AuthorLabel.
  • Success
    Callback to manipulate the DOM element wich contains the Feed Items after the load.
  • Error
    Callback when error occurs during fetching feeds.


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