Hugsmidjan’s eplica-cdn (codecentre) jQuery modules and utilities.

This repository contains two sorts of things:

  1. flat list of dumb jQuery plugins written and maintained by Hugsmiðjan’s staff, plus a small selection of commonly used 3rd party jQuery plugins plus some stand-alone utilities.

  2. es6 modules that import said jQuery plugins and rely on their side-effects to extend the global scope – same as if they were loaded via <script /> tag

The script files are publicly available on https://eplica-cdn.is/jq/*

About the jQuery plugins and utilities.

These plugins are all pretty old-school, and have the following characteristics:

  1. None of them resolve/declare their own dependencies on other plugins.
  2. Most rely on window.jQuery being defined and extend that object.
  3. Some are CommonJS compatible with an optional method to register a jQuery plugin.

ES6 modules with dependency declarations

The req/ folder contains a collection of files that provide es6-based normalization layer and basic dependency resolution.

This means that most plugins/utilities in the root-folder (and the x/ folder) can be imported via a simple import 'jq/req/myplugin';.

The es6 modules rely on the normal side-effects of the utilities/jQuery plugins to set and/or extend objects in the global window scope.

This provides results similar to loading the plugin script file (and its dependencies) via series of <script src="jq/myplugin-1.0-source.js"></script> tags.


npm install --save-dev [email protected]:hugsmidjan/jq.git#v1


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