Sticky is a jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to make any element on your page always stay visible.

Sticky in brief

This is how it works:

  • When the target element is about to be hidden, the plugin will add the class className to it (and to a wrapper added as its parent), set it to position: fixed and calculate its new top, based on the element’s height, the page height and the topSpacing and bottomSpacing options.
  • That’s it.
    In some cases you might need to set a fixed width to your element when it is “sticked”.
    But by default (widthFromWrapper == true) sticky updates elements’s width to the wrapper’s width.
    Check the example-*.html files for some examples.


  • Include jQuery & Sticky.
  • Call Sticky.

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.sticky.js"></script>
  • Edit your css to position the elements (check the examples in example-*.html).

  • To unstick an object



  • topSpacing: (default: 0) Pixels between the page top and the element’s top.
  • bottomSpacing: (default: 0) Pixels between the page bottom and the element’s bottom.
  • className: (default: 'is-sticky') CSS class added to the element’s wrapper when “sticked”.
  • wrapperClassName: (default: 'sticky-wrapper') CSS class added to the wrapper.
  • center: (default: false) Boolean determining whether the sticky element should be horizontally centered in the page.
  • getWidthFrom: (default: '') Selector of element referenced to set fixed width of “sticky” element.
  • widthFromWrapper: (default: true) Boolean determining whether width of the “sticky” element should be updated to match the wrapper’s width. Wrapper is a placeholder for “sticky” element while it is fixed (out of static elements flow), and its width depends on the context and CSS rules. Works only as long getWidthForm isn’t set.
  • responsiveWidth: (default: false) Boolean determining whether widths will be recalculated on window resize (using getWidthfrom).
  • zIndex: (default: inherit) controls z-index of the sticked element.


  • sticky(options): Initializer. options is optional.
  • sticky('update'): Recalculates the element’s position.


  • sticky-start: When the element becomes sticky.
  • sticky-end: When the element returns to its original location
  • sticky-update: When the element is sticked but position must be updated for constraints reasons
  • sticky-bottom-reached: When the element reached the bottom space limit
  • sticky-bottom-unreached: When the element unreached the bottom space limit

To subscribe to events use jquery:

  $('#sticker').on('sticky-start', function() { console.log("Started"); });
  $('#sticker').on('sticky-end', function() { console.log("Ended"); });
  $('#sticker').on('sticky-update', function() { console.log("Update"); });
  $('#sticker').on('sticky-bottom-reached', function() { console.log("Bottom reached"); });
  $('#sticker').on('sticky-bottom-unreached', function() { console.log("Bottom unreached"); });


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