slimMenu jQuery Navigation Menu Plugin.

slimMenu is a lightweight jQuery plugin, which is made to create responsive and multi-level navigation menus on the fly.

With slimMenu, you’ll no longer struggle with media queries to create responsive menus, or any other heavy plugins to create multi-level nested menus. slimMenu does both job for you and it’s only 5KB(2.5KB minified)!


  • Multi-level nested menus.
  • 100% mobile responsive menus.
  • Multiple slimMenu navigations on the same page.
  • Tap areas to toggle sub menus easily in touch devices.
  • Hover option and effects for desktop version.
  • Sub menu indentation options for responsive version.

Browser Support:

(Tested on following browsers and confirmed that the slimMenu is working.)

  • IE 9+
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Opera
  • Android 2.2+
  • Mobile Safari


Add dist/css/slimmenu.min.css to the head of your document:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="slimmenu.min.css" type="text/css">

Add dist/js/jquery.slimmenu.min.js after jQuery plugin and before closing body tag.

<script src="jquery.slimmenu.min.js"></script>

Create your navigation menu using an ordered list and add slimmenu class:

<ul class="slimmenu">...</ul>

Initilalize the plugin:

    resizeWidth: '767', /* Navigation menu will be collapsed when document width is below this size or equal to it. */
    initiallyVisible: false, /* Make main navigation menu initially visible on mobile devices without the need to click on expand/collapse icon. */
    collapserTitle: 'Main Menu', /* Collapsed menu title. */
    animSpeed: 'medium', /* Speed of the sub menu expand and collapse animation. */
    easingEffect: null, /* Easing effect that will be used when expanding and collapsing menu and sub menus. */
    indentChildren: false, /* Indentation option for the responsive collapsed sub menus. If set to true, all sub menus will be indented with the value of the option below. */
    childrenIndenter: '&nbsp;' /* Responsive sub menus will be indented with this character according to their level. */
    expandIcon: '<i>▼</i>', /* An icon to be displayed next to parent menu of collapsed sub menus. */
    collapseIcon: '<i>▲</i>' /* An icon to be displayed next to parent menu of expanded sub menus. */

Optional Add easing plugin after jQuery plugin and before closing body tag if you want to use easing effects.

<script src="**PATH_TO_PLUGIN**/jquery.easing.min.js"></script>


If you need help using slimMenu, have a suggestion or idea, or have found a bug, please create an issue.


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