novacancy.js is a text neon golden effect jQuery plugin.


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Basic Usage

Just use


or detail

  'reblinkProbability': 0.1,
  'blinkMin': 0.2,
  'blinkMax': 0.6,
  'loopMin': 8,
  'loopMax': 10,
  'color': '#ffffff',
  'glow': ['0 0 80px #ffffff', '0 0 30px #008000', '0 0 6px #0000ff'],
  'off': 1,
  'blink': 1,
  'classOn': 'on',
  'classOff': 'off',
  'element': 'data',
  'autoOn': true


  • reblinkProbability: probability of reblink(0 to 1), Number, optional, default: (1/3)
  • blinkMin: time(sec.) of minimum blink, Number, optional, default: 0.01
  • blinkMax: time(sec.) of maximum blink, Number, optional, default: 0.5
  • loopMin: time(sec.) of minimum trigger blink, Number, optional, default: 0.5
  • loopMax: time(sec.) of maximum trigger blink, Number, optional, default: 2
  • color: colors, String, optional default: ‘ORANGE’. set null to disable.
  • glow: array of text-shadow colors, Array, optional, default: [‘0 0 80px Orange’, ‘0 0 30px Red’, ‘0 0 6px Yellow’]. set null to disable.
  • off: amount of off chars, Number, optional, default: 0
  • blink: amount of blink chars, Number, optional, default: 0, (0 means all chars)
  • classOn: class name of on chars, String, optional default: ‘on’
  • classOff: class name of off chars, String, optional default: ‘off’
  • element: split content by element, default: data
  • autoOn: blink on at start, Boolean, optional, default: true

colors example:

Hexadecimal: '#ffffff'
RGB: 'rgb(255,255,255)'
RGBA: 'rgba(255,255,255,1)'
Text: 'WHITE'


trigger blink on


trigger blink off



Copyright (c) 2018 Chuck Chang Licensed under the MIT license

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