AppendGrid allow you to input structured data row by row such like filling spreadsheets. It allows you to add/remove/insert/delete row in the grid. The generated input/select/textarea controls are well named for submitting to server side applications such as ASP.NET/PHP/JSP. Multiple options and callback events are available to fit different situations.

About verisons

You may find that the project name on GitHub is still “jquery.appendGrid”. It is just a historical reason that version 1 required jQuery but it is not required in version 2 anymore. In order to keep GitHub project URL so the repository name was not changed.

The new code is rewritten by using ES6. It will compatible with modern web frameworks such as Bootstrap and Bulma natively. For version 1 that based on jQuery UI will provide minor bug fix only.


  • Nope, just need a modern web browser that can run JavaScript!


Lots of demo cases are available on Demo section of AppendGrid website.


The full list of options / methods / callback events are available on the Documentation section of AppendGrid website.


  • Execute command npm install to install development dependencies
  • Execute command npm run start for running development server and preview
  • Execute command npm run build for creating distribution files



Licensed under the MIT license.


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