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This jQuery plugin provides a simple to use mechanism to control the
new fullscreen mode of modern browsers. Currently only newer Webkit-based
browsers (Like Chrome and Safari), Firefox and IE11+ provide this new
fullscreen feature.


Entering Fullscreen mode

You can either switch the whole page or a single HTML element to fullscreen


This only works when the code was triggered by a user interaction (For
example a onclick event on a button). Browsers don’t allow entering
fullscreen mode without user interaction.

Exiting Fullscreen mode

Fullscreen mode is always exited via the document but this plugin allows
it also via any HTML element. The owner document of the selected HTML
element is used then:


Querying Fullscreen mode

Simply pass no argument to the fullScreen method to query the current
state. The method returns the current fullscreen element (or true if
browser doesn’t support this) when fullscreen mode is active, false if not
active or null when the browser does not support fullscreen mode at all.
So you can use this method also to display a fullscreen button only when the
browser supports fullscreen mode:

    $("#fullscreenButton").toggle($(document).fullScreen() != null))

Toggling Fullscreen mode

The plugin provides another method for simple fullscreen mode toggling:



The plugin triggers a fullscreenchange event on the document when the
fullscreen mode has been changed. If the browser rejected a fullscreen
state change then the plugin triggers a fullscreenerror event on the
document. Example:

    $(document).bind("fullscreenchange", function() {
        console.log("Fullscreen " + ($(document).fullScreen() ? "on" : "off"));

    $(document).bind("fullscreenerror", function() {
        alert("Browser rejected fullscreen change");

Fullscreen iframe

Entering fullscreen mode from within an iframe is not allowed by default but
it can be enabled with a few attributes on the iframe:

    <iframe src="iframe.html" webkitAllowFullScreen mozAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen>

Known issues

  • In IE 11 an empty page is displayed when entering fullscreen from within an
    iframe. No idea why. Any help is welcome.
  • In Safari (At least in Safari 7) no keyboard input is allowed in fullscreen


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